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Dental Decay/Cavities in Lawrenceville

The optimal state of dental health would mean that all your teeth remain whole, strong, and free of pain or other problems both now and in the future. Dental decay threatens that ideal by causing a loss of tooth structure that eventually results in tiny holes in your teeth, more commonly referred to as cavities. Here at AV Dental, we expertly treat cavities, but we would much prefer to prevent them entirely. That’s not just wishful thinking, either. With good oral hygiene at home and two visits per year to our office, you’re on your way.

Let’s be clear. It’s not all that reasonable to think that you’ll go your entire life without any cavities. But with the right oral care strategy, it’s entire possible to make them a very infrequent occurrence. It’s important to trace back dental decay to its source, which is dental plaque and its counterpart, tartar. They are essentially the same substance, except that the first is film-like, while the second is hard and crusty. Our Lawrenceville dentist wants you to know that by keeping a close watch on your sugar intake, you can limit the amount of dental plaque that forms on your teeth and your gum line. Less is better, at least in this case. But there’s always going to be some, so brush your teeth. Do it when you awaken. Do it before you go to sleep. And if it all possible, brush after meals, too. Use proper technique for the best results. The same is true of flossing, which you only need do once per day, ideally at bedtime. If you’re not sure of the best way to brush and floss, our Lawrenceville dentist is happy to show you.

Stop dental decay and cavities early. Schedule your visit to see our Lawrenceville dentist for your six month examination.

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